ReGathering On-Campus Worship Service

ReGathering OnCampus Worship Services Sunday, April 18, 2021

Dear Worshiper of Christ at FBC,

To ensure the safety and health of FBC members and regular attenders as we begin to ReGather in worship, the following procedures will be implemented each Sunday. Please be assured that your church is taking the appropriate steps to help you feel comfortable in your decision to ReGather with us. All Worshipers will gather in the sanctuary. Nursery and Student Ministry will not be provided until further notice. Children's Ministry Groups for Ages 3 & 4 and Ages 5 thru Grade 5 are gathering at 11:00am - registration required.  We look forward to seeing you.

1) Prior to leaving home . . .

Þ Preregister each week to attend either the 8:15 or 11:00 worship service. Weekly registration opens at 12:00am Monday and closes at 12:00pm Friday. Registration will be available via Realm, FBC Web Page (, email ( or by calling the church office 410.442.5506 Ext. 3 NOTE: Email registrations are not confirmed until you receive an email confirmation from the church. Voicemail Registrations will not be accepted.


Click Here to Register for REGATHERING Sunday Morning Worship Service @ 8:15am

Click Here to Register for REGATHERING Sunday Morning Worship Service @ 11:00am

Þ 8:15:  Registration is limited to 130 people and is on a “first come/first serve” basis.

    11:00: Registration is limited to 130 people and is on a "first come/first serve" basis. 

    The system will prevent any additional reservations beyond each limit.

Þ Bring your face mask or face shield and hand sanitizer.

Þ If you have a fever or have been exposed to someone that might have the Coronavirus please do not come to the church. We encourage you to worship via our OnLine Worship Experience.

When You Arrive At The Church Please Practice All Social Distancing Guidelines.

2) Prior to entering the building . . .

Þ Please stand at the social distancing areas marked on the sidewalk.

Þ Our greeters will meet you at the foyer entry doors. They will be wearing face masks and/or face shields and gloves.

Þ All worshipers will be required to take their temperature prior to coming to church or have their temperature taken at the church via a “no touch thermometer.

Þ Face masks must be worn the entire time that you are inside the building. A small supply of masks will be available if you forget to bring one. Hand sanitizing stations will be located throughout the building.

3) Upon entering the building . . .

Þ Use of the building is limited to the foyer, sanctuary and foyer restrooms. Please do not enter any other parts of the building.

Þ All worshipers will be seated in the sanctuary by an usher.

Þ While waiting to be seated, please stand at the appropriate social distancing areas marked on the foyer floor.

4) Sanctuary seating . . .

Þ When you are at the sanctuary door please inform the ushers of how many people are in your group. Worshipers will not be able to request a specific seat or area.

Þ Worshipers will be seated in the front row of the sanctuary first.

Þ The usher, using social distancing guidelines, will then escort you and your group to your seats. There will be four seats left empty in between each group or individual.

Þ Please follow the arrows and social distancing guides on the sanctuary floor upon entering and leaving the sanctuary.

5) During worship service . . .

Þ Please wear your face masks or face shields and do not engage in physical interaction with other worshipers (hugs, handshakes, etc).

Þ If you must use the restroom please follow the social distancing arrows on the sanctuary floor.

6) End of worship service . . .

Þ Worshipers will be dismissed by a member of the FBC staff and the usher team beginning with the back row. Please follow the directions provided and adhere to the social distancing arrows placed on the sanctuary floor.

Þ When exiting please practice all social distancing guidelines.

Þ Please exit immediately via the door assigned to your seating area and do not reenter the building.


Sanctuary Seating & Traffic Flow