The Bible says that life is to be experienced in relationship with Jesus Christ and one another. As a result, our vision is to have everyone who attends Friendship Baptist Church intentionally connected to one another on a weekly basis through biblical-caring communities that promote transformation, caring relationships, prayer & a missionary-mindset that compels us to serve and see others introduced to Jesus.

By doing so, we will desire to intentionally engage one another and the community that surrounds us.  We will seek to share with others the joy, fulfillment, hope and forgiveness that is available through Jesus Christ. We will seek ways to intentionally invite others to church, Sunday morning growgroups or connectionsgroups that meet throughout the week in peoples homes so that they may know Jesus and grow to love Him more.

Please take a moment to review the various growgroups that meet on Sunday morning from 9:45 to 10:45 and plan to participate. The Pastoral Staff and all of the growgroup leaders are excited about the topics offered.  All of us hope and pray that you are too.

Let’s meet God where He is working and be transformed! And be ready to tell others!

growgroup topics

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Topic: Psalms

Teacher(s): Jim Croft & Ron Standifer

Location: Upstairs, Room #202

Description: Explore the Bible is an ongoing Bible study series that takes the group on an exploration of a specific Bible book or group of books. This study will focus on the Book Psalms.

“Sometimes, when reading the Bible, it seems as if our lives are worlds apart from those included in the pages of Scripture. It is easy to ponder, sometimes with guilt and secrecy in our hearts, whether the Bible is relevant to feelings that we have today, thoughts we have today, struggles we have today, or situations we face today.

This study in the Book of Psalms holds good news for you. A Psalmist has likely written about whatever feelings you might experience in any situation in which you find yourself. These lessons speak to those who are soaring on the heights of spiritual growth and to those who are in the depths of spiritual weakness. It legitimizes the feelings of those seeking God’s recompense for persecutors and those seeking forgiveness for doing wrong to others. It teaches lessons for dealing with the perils of life with grace, patience, and faith while extolling the loving kindness of our God, who is always worthy of praise.” (Robert Smith, Jr., General Editor)

Topic: Real Relationships" and "Broken Vessels: How God Uses Imperfect People

Teacher(s): Dan Stinchcomb

Location: Downstairs, Room #105

Description: Bible Studies for Life is intentionally designed to help make disciples through: In-depth Bible study that addresses real-life issues; engaging conversation that helps build biblical community; and "Live It Out" application that challenges participants to engage culture biblically.

Real Relationships — “Social media and technology can keep us constantly connected with others—but that’s not what we need. We were created to live in community. Thankfully, God provided instruction through His Word on how we can find authentic, real relationships.”

Broken Vessels: How God Uses Imperfect People — “If we break a plate, we get a new one. But what happens when a person is broken? We all know what it’s like to be broken, whether through circumstances, poor choices, or our own sinfulness.  Thankfully, God uses that brokenness as an avenue for His love and grace to flow into the lives of other broken vessles.” (Source: Publishers Comments)

Topic: “Stories & Signs”

Teacher(s): Mitch Kemp & Blair Radney

Location: Downstairs, Fellowship Hall

Description: “Stories and miracles. The Gospels give us plenty of both, with Jesus as the master storyteller and miracle-worker. Through His memorable parables and through His mighty works, Jesus painted a picture of the coming kingdom. It’s like a sower scattering seed, like a a father rushing to embrace his prodigal son, like judgement coming upon unfaithful servants. The kingdom upends the evil and darkness of our world by healing people of illness, providing food for the hungry, casting out demons, and even raising people from the dead.

The life of heaven is on display in both Jesus’ words and works. As you encounter the stories and miracles of Jesus in this volume, keep an open mind and heart to the Spirit’s leading. Let the words and works of our Savior astound you. Put yourself in the scene and experience afresh the power of what Christ has done. Then look to the lost world around you and recommit to passing on the message of our miracle-working Savior.” (Trevin Wax, Managing Editor—The Gospel Project)

Topic: Disciples Path — The Journey: Semester #3

Teacher(s): Michael Kaye & Dave Boteler

Location: Downstairs, Room #107

Description: “There's a disciple-maker inside every Christian. Disciples Path: The Journey is a one-year intentional plan for discipleship that provides a purposeful process for maturing in Christ. Both new and seasoned disciples will encounter key ideas and practices to help them grow in Christ and as disciple-makers. 

The 3rdd  Semester will explore the following topics: Immersed in the Word; Connected Through Prayer; Living in Community; Spirit-Filled Life; Serving His Kingdom; Spreading the Good News; Christ Came to Us; Christ Came with a Mission; Christ Came to Die; We Die with Christ; We Go with Christ; We Go Together with Christ; Reflect and Connect.

The benefits to the participant include:

  • Become a disciple that will be able to disciple others.
  • Gain confidence to share your biblical knowledge and life experience.
  • Reap the benefits of becoming a mature disciple of Christ.
  • Help your church expand its reach and influence in the community.” (Source: Publishers Description)

Topic: Jesus, Continued: Why The Spirit inside You Is Better Than Jesus Beside You (DVD Based Study)

Teachers: Pastor John Hevey & Mark Tapscott

Location: Downstairs, Room #103

Description: Why do so many of us think of Christianity as a lifestyle to which we conform, rather than a God with whom we commune? Jesus gave His disciples the audacious promise that it was to their advantage that He go back to heaven because the Holy Spirit could then come to live inside of them. How many of us consider our connection to the Holy Spirit so strong and so real that we would call his presence in us better than Jesus beside us?

Throughout his Christian life, J.D. Greear felt disconnected to God and unsure about how to interact with Him. Although he had learned a lot of truths about God, these truths didn't seem to bring him any closer to Him. He tried to have such a relationship, but all of God's work seemed stockpiled in the past: He created the world, died on a cross, and left a Bible. God seemed like a busy teacher who had given an assignment and then stepped out of the room, leaving students to get the work done on their own.

But Greear discovered it doesn't have to be like that. And this Bible study has been created to help you relate to the Holy Spirit in new ways. Over the course of this study, you'll see how you can have a satisfying, powerful relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. (Note: Participant Workbook Donation: $10.00)

Topic: House or Home: God’s Blueprint For Biblical Parenting — by Chip Ingram, DVD Study

Teacher(s): Julie and Corey Snyder

Location: Downstairs, Room #101

Description: Biblical Advice for Parents that Still Works Today.

“Our most exhilarating joys and agonizing sorrows will likely come from the same source...our children. As parents we understand that raising children is a high stakes adventure. Think about it for a moment. The God of the universe decided that each of us would make our grand entrance as helpless little babies, completely dependent on someone else for survival. One of the greatest stewardship responsibilities you will ever undertake is taking one of those little babies and rearing them to be mature, responsible, followers of Jesus.

To say that parenting is a great challenge is a vast understatement. With so many competing ideas and philosophies, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and paralyzed. This feeling is amplified by the fact that so many parents grew up in broken, dysfunctional families. But there is HOPE. In the midst of all the white noise about parenting, God has given us a blueprint for parenting with clear, timeless truths that still work today.

Session Titles: Is There a Parent in the House?; What’s a Parent To Do?; What’s A Child To Do?; Is Technology Helping or Hurting Our Kids?; Is There Hope for Single Parents and Blended Families?” (Source: Publishers Description) [Participant workbook donation: $3.00] 

Topic: If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat

Teacher(s): Peggy Muth

Location: Upstairs, Room #201

Description: Based on John Ortberg’s award-winning bestseller. You’re one step away from the adventure of your life — “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water.” — Simon Peter

Peter may have been the first one out of the boat, but Jesus’ invitation to walk on water is for us all. If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat will help the participant to answer Christ’s call to greater faith, power-filled deeds, and a new way of knowing him. Through DVD teaching and group discussions, participants will discover how to discern God’s call, transcend fear, risk faith, manage failure, and trust God.

Topics include: What’s Water-Walking? The Tragedy of the Unopened Gift, Find Your Calling and Get Your Feet Wet!, Facing Our Challenges, Conquering Our Fears, Good News for Cave Dwellers, and Learning to Wait on Our Big God.

Topic: How We Got The Bible — DVD Study

Teacher(s): Pastor Mark Klimovitz & Mike Jones

Location: Downstairs, Music Room

Description: From Moses to Gutenberg, easily find out how we got the Bible we have today and discover why we can trust it with this DVD study on the history of Bible! Dive into the fascinating stories of the people who risked their lives to print and distribute the Word of God (Tyndale, Wycliffe, etc).

Have you ever wondered where the Bible came from? Who wrote the books of the Bible and how did they end up together? Perhaps you have been asked by a friend or coworker about books that were cut out of the Bible. Through this Bible history DVD, expert Dr. Timothy Paul Jones will guide the participant through important questions about the Holy Bible to show you why it can be trusted. Packed with stunning visuals, dramatic stories, and illustrative animations, this exciting Bible History curriculum will take you from the earliest clay tablets and papyrus copies to the first bound Bible and the various Bible translations that we use today! [Participant Guide Donation: $5.00]


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